In Past we [red] of other You -
Of Glory and Honour.
Have you ever meant to be the same?

No step back! Goodbye!

Our common story's edged.
It's shame we've never tried to
Rearrange it.
This is not my choice
(Neither your will?)
My white steed slowly dieth
In Black Sea.
Disappointed, devastated -
Your humble folk is jaded.

Evil's seeded in your might.
Your out is bright - the blight's inside.]

I can not fight this feeling -
I hate you - Your whores,
Your cars - Your waste of life.
In very time when You will fall down
I'll be next to you.
The feeble mother ruins the honest sons.]

I break sorely.
You'll never take part in my tragedy.
Messalina, Theodora -
Your genre is porno-horror.



Let me out. Leave me alone.


I've been taught of loving You -
You have shown me not to do
So I'm knocked out by this contradiction.
All Your lovers gathered round.
See how they will fuck You up.
Dishonest vermins will drag You
Through the mud.

This is my final words...
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