Everything you know about them's
Nonsensical or wrong.
According to your own decline you
Vulgarize them all.
They can't escape of your display -
Big words, false care.
How d'you dare to proclaim
That they must work and then must die
Without no "hows" and "whys"?
You promise'em world dominance -
They need just land and home.
Why d'you build castles in the air
From vultures' guano?
You've never known
And don't wanna know
What people want.
So why must they fucking know
What you - you want from them? -
Each who asks you:
"What do you want from me?]
What do you want from me?
All your tzars, G-secretries
Pave the Road with good ideas -
We wanted best, you know the rest.
What do you want from me?
It's all just hollow Kremlin Dream
Of the one who never willed
To trust me, believe in me."]
What's the best? - Better herdsman
Or sharper butcher's knife?
Witches trade their most intimate.
Children's raped and slain.
You've gave it all. You're asked for else -
They pray for peace and health.
[Pre-chorus:] [Chorus:]
Mass without the aim again
You needn't see it in their eyes
Cause you wanted it. I've seen
It so many times in so different faces
And the question's always one -
"What do you want from me?
Trust me, believe in me.
Don't you think that you will fuck'em
As long as you desire.
You can humiliate and strike'em
But you have got three tries:
First - they'll ignore,
Second - they'll carry on,
Third launches war to kill us all

"So let my people go!"...
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