Who are really you? -
Just towed follower
Or The Man with free thoughts in the head?

What does feed your life? -
Your own aspirings
Or you pig just what they
Dump into your trough?

Does other creature live your life
When other critters boil around
When highest eater pour digestive
Juice straight through your mind?]

Don't you ever dream
Of being someone else? -
Someone better?
Better that may will
Another meat in human broth.]

Is that not your choice?
Is there other voice
Disturbing your thoughts
With a white white noise?
That's why you deceive
Your personality.
This makes your unique-
Ness a fatso's dick.



Who dares to call this shit a life?
You'll be a winner if you try -
To win is to deny -
Even if you'll stay alive.


You're not a slave, you're not a slut!
Exalted power rouse inside
When honest reason drives the fire
Straight through your heart.


Don't you ever dream,
Don't you ever will
To be not like someone -

Another meat in human broth?
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